Netulas is ready

Delighted to announce the completed development of Netulas.
A cloud based app that is designed specifically for the safety netting industry. It’s designed with simplicity and usability in mind.

Just some of the benefits of Netulas

  • Track All Jobs

    Netulas allows you to easily track all live jobs and all historical jobs. Our dynamic reporting layout can also be accompanied by a map to pin point the exact locations of your live jobs.

  • Live Stocklist

    A live stocklist shows you exactly where your stock is in real time weather it’s currently on a job, stock or repair quarantine. This reliable system allows you to easily add stock to a location with a touch of a button.

  • Product History

    Netulas has a unique historical log which will collect every bit of data that any of your products create. The history log will show you the exact number of jobs and type of repairs any individual net has incurred during it’s time in circulation.

  • Repair Alerts

    The repair alert system will now tell you of any imminent repairs to your nets. You can choose how soon you would like to be alerted so if you want to be notified when a net is due, you will receive an email. Alternatively you can simply check the repair section of the system which will auto poulate with due nets and tell you it’s current location.

  • Customer Database

    Netulas allows you to store all you customer details for future reference. The system can then intelligently cross reference this information when searching for key data, such as how may jobs have you completed with a particular customer. It will also log any complaints you may have received.

  • Work Anywhere

    Netulas will allow you and chosen members of your staff to work remotely from anywhere in the world in live time. This allows you to communicate and share key information from site to office and anywhere else.

  • Audits

    Netulas has a powerful search system which will allow you to grab any historical and real time data easily. This is a great tool to have during audits, as it will give you total rapid control over all of your records and data.

  • User Manager

    The user manager system allows you to give access to the system to any of your staff or clients. It will also give you the power to easily enable or disable user privelages at a click of a button.