What is Claimbox and how will it help my business?

Claimbox is a secure, shared online system that enables you and your team to view and edit information and communicate with each other in real time from a mobile phone, tablet or PC…etc with an internet connection giving you complete control over a busy working environment whether you’re in the office, on site, or even in a different country!

As a Cloud application, data is updated and saved immediately and stored securely meaning that even if your office system crashes, it is still accessible.

Many people are confused by the term ‘Cloud’, quite simply Cloud is and internet based solution that allows you to work from anywhere at anytime. Claimbox is a great cloud computing solution for the building industry and an essential modern day business tool.

Which sectors can benefit from Claimbox?

  • Construction

    Enables shared planning and resourcing, displays locations of current live jobs, assists with allocation of work to trades and stock availability and control.

  • Delivery

    Gives drivers and office staff real time access to the same information enabling smarter working when changes occur.

  • Insurance

    Claims management, data collection and reporting in real time at your fingertips.

  • Professionals

    Surveyors/trades on site can connect with the office and gain access to information or update.

Is it easy to use?

If you use the internet, you can use Claimbox as it’s designed with a clear thinking and logical approach. It has a very user friendly interface and includes a step by step manual.

Does one size fit all?

Our starter system will get you up and running immediately and may be sufficient for your needs. If you need extras that will provide a bespoke solution for your business, we’ll be happy to discuss.

What other benefits can Claimbox provide?

Claimbox will save you time and money, improve your customer service and enable you to work smarter from wherever you are.

To find out how Claimbox can make a real difference to your business and receive a no obligation quotation, call 01443 866410.